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Clustering Frequency Domain Data

Unsupervised clustering algorithms can be a great way to explore any structure that is inherent to the data and perhaps not immediately obvious to the analyst.

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Analzying the Gold Market in Pure SQL

As Gold stages a break-out that could be one for the record books, I thought I’d take the time to do a SQL tutorial by doing a deep dive into price facts and behaviours of this amazing asset class.

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A Complete Guide to Data Structures in Python

This is a post I’ve always wanted to put together - it’s a monster, comprehensive guide to implementing data structures in Python, complete with code, explanations, and use cases.

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Must-Know Methods for Python Coding Interviews

As a self-taught developer, you end up going through (and failing) a lot of coding interviews before you’re able to get a grasp of what’s required to be successful. There is no substite for practice, but in this post I walk through a collection of recipes I have made that address common themes I’ve noticed in interviews. Enjoy!

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Kevin Vecmanis